Inserting a table of contents

In general, the table of contents in the presentation is optional. But still, if it is vitally necessary for you to do this, then there are a few secrets. The first is the use of pictograms. You can read about them on the Internet. There’s a lot of information on this plan. In general, the write my paper in au point to specific sections of the work. The result is presented as separate slides, which are responsible for a certain section of the work. But in most cases we understand that after all this design is not necessary. You can tell the members of the commission orally what you need to know about the sections of the work.

Each title should be selected with the correct description. And, if in your work to a single heading refers to approximately 5-7 pages of the description, then in the presentation they should be placed in just one sentence. No matter how hard you try to describe the presentation more fully, you still need to put the whole point in one phrase. We also do not forget about the reduction of the headers themselves.

The next rule is to remove all the design rules from your slides. If in the project you observed a certain indentation, also you adhered to one font and so on, then for presentation this does not work. It’s like a free form of your perception of the project. So try to convey exactly your vision of work, and not adhere to the regulations.

If you briefly give the logic of one slide, then it can be divided into several points:

Remove all unnecessary. Work out in accordance with their preferences, but adhere to restraint.
Remove too long subtitles that do not carry practical information. Before writing the title, ask yourself the question: “What do I want to know?”.
Divide the slide into several parts: a title, a definition, a diagram, a comment. This or that component can be absent in this list depending on the purpose of the slide.
Exclude unnecessary information. Try to make sure that large volumes of text are enclosed in just one sentence.
So, we already realized that a clearly developed concept in the preparation of slides helps to make the presentation incredibly informative. Anyway, but our main goal is just such a presentation, so that it shows the maximum amount of useful information in a minimum amount of time.

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