Terms of payment for the thesis papers

Terms of payment for the final thesis work depends on where you order it. There is a standard scheme – you give an advance to the author, and after writing the work you pay the amount in full. But the author, of course, will not send you the full text of the work, until you completely pay it. He can give you excerpts from your diploma, so you understand that the work is ready. Only you pay the whole amount. Also note that if you find the author via the Internet, then he will need to pay for the work by bank transfer. It is best if you are asked to pay for work through the card. If the author asks for money through online services, then this is a significant disadvantage. In case you ran into, it will not be easy for you to prove the transfer of funds.

Is it worth giving an advance payment

Many of the students are interested in the issues of advance payment. Many do not understand why to pay ahead. It’s much more reliable to pay the whole amount after the author gives you work. But in fact, this is a well-grounded scheme. With the help of an advance author gets guarantees that you will not change your mind about ordering WRCs from him. The student also has a guarantee that if he has given an advance, the author will be interested in writing the work. So, do not be afraid to give an advance. But notice that it should not exceed half of the total cost.

Can the price be reviewed after the conclusion of the contract?

This is also an important issue. There are a lot of examples where the author and the student agree on a fixed price, but after the author starts working, he begins to inflate the price, referring to various factors – on complex topics, on the lack of materials for training, on short terms. Ideally, this should not be. If you agree with the author, then immediately voice the question of price and specify that they do not intend to revise the final version of your agreements.

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