The Higher School of Economics is a prestigious and successful university, preparing for the production of qualified specialists. They have great expectations in terms of regulating economic indicators. Economists are in demand always and everywhere, regardless of the sphere in which they revolve. Despite the fact that the Stanford is given the most complete course of knowledge, much in education depends on the student himself, or rather, on the written work that he himself performs. Today we will focus on coursework, which students write in the framework of training at the Higher School of Economics.

Directions of course on economics writemypaperinau com

Since science itself has a pronounced character of utility and importance, we can distinguish three ways in writing economics courses.

scientific theory. This path is based on the fact that the author pays more attention to the theoretical side of the question, thereby explaining the pattern of certain economic phenomena. This is a kind of basis for further research. Such coursework is often used to write diploma projects. The whole theory is built on the inviolable laws of the economy, which are supported by the practical component of the work.
scientific practice. As it is already clear from the title, that this way is chosen by economists – practices. In such works, real experience and experiments are described. If we dwell in more detail, we describe here specifically the methods of conducting observations, as well as the results and their explanations obtained in the course of contact and impact on the investigated region.
scientific methods. It describes the processes and methods, as well as tools that allow you to achieve solutions to scientific and applied problems. Sometimes, before putting forward a certain technique, it is necessary to conduct a certain scientific work, as a result of which a more accurate and correct theory of constructing the problem and the answers to it is created.

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